Some of America’s fastest-growing and most promising industries—from information technology to advanced manufacturing and health care—face a consistent and critical challenge: finding workers. Businesses in these sectors, and others, report that the average time to fill important jobs is already long and getting longer, resulting in missed growth opportunities, increasing wage pressure and escalating recruiting costs.

Skills-based hiring can address this situation to the benefit of both employers and job seekers. When employers hire based on skills, they post tactical, transparent job descriptions that enable them to hire candidates based on whether they have the skills to get a job done, instead of requiring particular credentials—which may or may not reflect an individual’s actual capabilities. This shift to a focus on skills has the potential to impact a range of key business metrics, from reducing the time-to-hire and decreasing hiring costs to making a positive impact in an employer’s community.

The SKILLFUL platform offers employers a number of tools and resources to help enable and accelerate the adoption of skills-based hiring, including:

  • Ready-to-use, off-the-shelf skills-based job posting templates: Developed with data from Burning Glass, O*NET and 20+ intensive employer round tables, SKILLFUL has developed ready-to-use job posting templates for 10 top occupations in Information Technology and Advanced Manufacturing. These occupations include Information Security Analysts and Software Developers in IT, and Machinists and Manufacturing Production Technicians in Advanced Manufacturing. Each template includes not only the technical skills required for a the job, but the foundational and soft skills needed to achieve long-term success. We will continue to refresh and expand these templates, so please feel free to participate in the process by contacting us to provide feedback.

    These occupation profiles include a job description, key activities, valuable certifications, the most commonly used tools and more. The occupation profiles also prioritize the top three skills in five key categories (e.g., Most Commonly Required, Most Preferred, etc.) and provide an annotated definition of what each skill means for the given occupation based on real-world input from staff and managers who actually work in that occupation.

    SKILLFUL encourages employers to join our network, and explore the opportunities offered through skills-based hiring. We look forward to working with our employer network, and the hiring community in general.



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