About the Skillful Indiana Governor’s Coaching Corps: An annual leadership program in which Indiana’s most talented career coaches develop innovative practices and technologies to support career services in an increasingly digital economy, while advancing their professional development and sharing best practices with their peers.

Skillful Indiana Governor’s Coaching Corps coaches will:

  • Attend 5 multi-day retreats with expert instruction in leadership, high performing teams, skills-based practices, the policy landscape, economic and industry trends, design thinking, tech tools and approaches to best serve middle-skill job seekers.
  • Work in Action Teams to tackle widespread challenges facing Indiana job seekers. Teams pitch their recommendations to state leaders for potential adoption.
  • Take part in intensive training in leadership and coaching, then employ new skills in their daily work to serve job seekers and build capacity within their organizations.

To participate in the Corps, please complete the following application.

  • Please note that this form requires a written or video-recorded Personal Statement, as well as a written or video-recorded Coaching Corps Nomination from your organization's leadership (note: for workforce centers, nominations should come from the center director).
  • Applicants will be able to submit their applications between January 9th, 2019 and February 27th, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.


Program Benefits: The Corps sets a new model for investing in career coaches' professional and personal development. Program benefits include:

  • 90+ hours of expert training fully funded by Skillful in leadership, coaching, and technical skills directly related to coaches’ daily work.
  • 1-on-1 and team coaching to support personal and professional growth.
  • Deep relationship building with high-achieving peers.
  • Access to a network of industry professionals, workforce experts, and state leaders to support daily work and long-term growth.
  • Exposure to new digital tools, resources, and best practices to best serve job seekers.


Ideal Candidates: We’re looking for exceptional coaches who go the extra mile, are eager to invest in their personal and professional growth, and are looking for new ways to share their skills and experience to improve the coaching field. Specific skills for success include:

  • Commitment to Professional Development
  • Active Learner
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Writing
  • Organizational Skills
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Computer Skills
  • Project Management
  • Time Management


Eligibility: We’re looking for coaches from across the state who want to build their skills, share insights from their work, and connect with people in a similar field. To be eligible, coaches must:

  • Work in Indiana for a public workforce center, a community, 4-year, or technical college, a K-12 school, or a staffing agency.
  • Work in a position whose primary responsibility is to provide direct career services to job seekers.
  • Have worked directly with job seekers for a minimum of 1 year (preference for coaches who have worked with job seekers for 3+ years.
  • Receive nomination from organization’s leader.

For more information, review the Terms & Conditions here.

1. Basic Info

2. Which of the following best describes your organization?
4. In general, who do you serve? Check all that apply
8. How long have you worked for the agency at which you're currently employed? *

9. Please share any skills, experience, and/or education that is relevant to your work. For experience and education, please connect them to one of the skills listed in the IDEAL CANDIDATES section above. (200 words)

10. Personal Statement:

Please upload a Personal Statement letting us know why you’d like to take part in the Skillful Indiana Governor's Coaching Corps. You may submit either a 2-minute video or a written response of no more than 300 words. This portion of the application is an opportunity to help us get to know you and your interests and goals, and will let us know how you hope participation in the Corps will impact your ability to serve job seekers and your professional growth. If you choose to submit a video, please upload the video to Vimeo, YouTube, or a similar service, and provide a link in the field below (be sure the video is set to public).

12. Action Teams:

Corps coaches will each work on one Action Team project, working with Skillful and design thinking experts to develop new technologies and practices that support job seeker services and presenting recommendations to State leaders for adoption. Please indicate your interest in the following Action Team topics, with 5 stars being a topic you have the greatest desire to work on and 1 star being a topic you have the least desire to work on. Please note that topics will be refined and focused before the Corps kicks off.

Develop 21st-Century Coaching Tools: Explore digital solutions that address the growing need to serve job seekers at scale with fewer resources, while maintaining an all-important human connection.
Identify Segment-Specific Tools & Approaches: Develop creative approaches to serve specific segments of the job seeker population. (Potential topic areas include young adults, parents returning to work, formerly incarcerated individuals, and the underemployed.)
Cultivate New Partnership Models: Pilot new partnership models across workforce segments to provide smoother pathways for job seekers. (Example segments include workforce centers, human services agencies, community colleges, and employers.)
Increase awareness of alternative pathways to success: Using skills-based practices, help change the narrative around pathways to in-demand careers (For example, identify best practices for increasing awareness of alternative pathways to success for parents of students in K-12)

13. Skillful Indiana Governor's Coaching Corps:

To be eligible, applicants must submit a Nomination Statement from the most senior career services manager at their organization to indicate the organization’s support of the applicant’s participation in the Corps (note: for workforce centers, nominations should come from the center director). The statement may take the form of either a 2-minute video or a written response of no more than 300 words, and should address the topics and questions listed below, and be attached to this form.


  • How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
  • How will the applicant’s participation in the Corps impact your organization?
  • Why are you recommending the applicant to the Corps?
  • Please affirm that you have read and understand the Skillful Indiana Governor's Coaching Corps Terms & Conditions (available here), understand the time commitment required of Corps coaches, and are willing to support the applicant’s active participation in Corps activities and events.
Upload requirements


14. Please indicate that you have read and agree to the Skillful Indiana Governor's Coaching Corps Terms & Conditions, available here, including all eligibility criteria and commitments of participation.
15. If you participate in the Skillful Indiana Governor's Coaching Corps, you will be expected to attend five retreats from March 2019 – November 2019. (Costs of travel and lodging will be covered by Skillful.) All retreats will take place in Indiana.