Announcing the second cohort of the Skillful Indiana Governor's Coaching Corps

We’re proud to announce the Skillful Indiana Governor’s Coaching Corps (SGCC) has a new cohort!

The Skillful Governor’s Coaching Corps is an intensive eight-month program that recognizes the vital role career coaches play bridging the gap between individuals and employers, supporting economic growth across the state, and guiding professional advancement for thousands of Hoosiers. The SGCC provides coaches the tools and training they need to better serve people in our rapidly changing labor market and invests in their own personal and professional development.

Last year, the inaugural SGCC participants broke into six action teams where they combined the curriculum they learned at the SGCC, their own research, and their on-the-ground expertise, so they could address some of the most pressing workforce issues facing Indiana. At the end of the program they recommend new practices and policies to influential leaders in the workforce and education space. The action teams’ recommendations were so well-received, the Skillful Governor’s Coaching Corps is featured in the Indiana Strategic Workforce Plan, because the SGCC will serve “as a valuable tool to incorporate ideas from individuals who engage daily with Hoosiers accessing services.” This year, the new cohort will continue to build on the research and projects that the previous action teams did to advance the great work.

We’re looking forward to the innovation and passion this new cohort will bring to the SGCC, and we’re excited to see these career coaching professionals furthering their impact in their community.

Click here to meet our new SGCC Participants!