Skillful Colorado Announces Skillful West End Project; Pilot Program Seeks to Upskill Rural Talent to Meet Local Business Needs

Two men working project at mine

We’re thrilled to announce that, in partnership with the West End Economic Development Corporation (WEEDC) and the Telluride Foundation, we have launched the Skillful West End Project, a pilot project that seeks to connect local talent to local business in the southwest corner of the state covering western San Miguel and Montrose counties. Funding for the project is provided by Skillful Colorado, an initiative of the Markle Foundation, and the Telluride Foundation.

The Skillful West End Project’s purpose is to help curb job losses in the area, which have historically relied on the jobs resource extraction and agriculture provide. In response to today’s rapidly changing economy, in which such jobs are no longer guaranteed, the project will complement the efforts of the Montrose Workforce Center connecting local workers displaced by economic disruption to local jobs, with a focus on the skills needed to succeed in emerging industries.

“Thanks to our state’s low unemployment rate, Colorado is widely viewed as an economic success story,” said Shannon Block, Executive Director of Skillful Colorado. “However, this rising tide has not lifted all boats. Many Coloradans feel left behind. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Telluride Foundation, WEEDC, and local partners to address this area’s pressing workforce challenges.”

“Montrose and San Miguel counties have experienced many economic ‘booms’ and ‘busts,’” said Elaine Demas, Vice President of Initiatives at the Telluride Foundation. “With the recent closure of the New Horizon coal mine and the imminent closure of the Tri-State coal fired power plant, these communities are preparing for another ‘bust’ period. We are excited to work alongside Skillful Colorado and our West End community partners on solutions that will lend support to the next economic ‘boom.’”

Carla Reams has been contracted to serve as the Program Manager for the Skillful West End Project. A long-time resident of Nucla, Colorado, a town of approximately 700 in the West End, Carla is well positioned to connect local talent to local opportunity.

“I think it’s a great fit for me and I am excited to work with local job seekers and employers and make those connections,” she said. “Not everyone needs a college degree to be a great fit for an organization. We have a lot of talented folks right here in our area that may already have skills being sought after or may just need a little bit of training to gain those skills. The Skillful West End Project will help find the resources for the training, with the end goal being to keep our locals working here.”

About Skillful Colorado, Skillful Indiana, and the Skillful State Network

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