Skillful partners with Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) and the Colorado Department of Corrections in their “Pathway Home” project

According to Virginia Department of Corrections’ State Recidivism Comparison, Colorado has the fourth-highest recidivism rate (50%) in the country. That’s why Skillful, an initiative of the Markle Foundation, is proud to partner with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) and the Colorado Department of Corrections in their “Pathway Home” project. This project aims to help eligible incarcerated individuals learn how to connect to meaningful employment both pre and post-release by providing them with job-driven workforce services that increase career success and reduce recidivism.

Skillful’s Role:

Skillful will provide workforce coaches with 10-hours of training on skills-based practices and teach some of the many "accidental coaches" who happen to impact and guide former offenders as they get ready for careers after prison. Accidental coaches are not career coaches in the traditional sense, but instead are individuals who help in initial career conversation and planning that takes place outside of, or prior to coaching. This means social workers, teachers, training providers, counselors, and others. These are the people that inmates might have more regular interactions with and know well because of their time with them, the people they may spark conversations about career or training aspirations with who may want to be able to help point them in the right direction before they meet with a formal career coach. These accidental coaches will help connect transitioning offenders with in-demand career pathways and equip them to overcome traditional bias for a sustainable career.

We will provide The Department of Corrections’ accidental coaches with 5-hour Pathway Home Training which will include: 

  • An introduction to Skills Based Practices

  • Labor Market insights to help guide training decisions and career exploration

  • Training on how to talk about the future of work and skills

  • Learning about how technology is changing the workplace

  • Beginning knowledge about how job skills are transferrable in today's market

  • How to discuss the value of targeted training and quickly addressing skills gaps

  • Conversations to build a lifelong learner

The Pathway Home project will corroborate the work we do to accomplish our mission of helping job seekers access a variety of choices to achieve lasting career success through well-trained coaching professionals; for employers to find the skilled talent they need to grow; and for educators to train people with the skills required to compete in today’s economy.