An Update on the Skillful Governor’s Coaching Corps

As we continue to navigate the current health and economic crisis, Skillful recognizes how crucial career coaches are to our economic recovery, as they bridge the gap between individuals and employers, supporting economic growth across the states, and guiding professional advancement for job seekers. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to support our network of career coaches in Colorado, Indiana, and now Rhode Island, with programs such as the Skillful Governor’s Coaching Corps (SGCC), an eight-month program, that introduces career coaches to important skills, strategies, and tools to complement the great work they already do in supporting job seekers, students, and workers.  

Last year the SGCC graduated two cohorts, one of which only got to meet in person once before we were forced to complete the intensive leadership and skills development program 100% virtually, making their experience completely unique from the cohorts that came before them. At this time, we are pausing on recruiting for the next cohort in order to make some changes to the SGCC content and program delivery to better match the needs of our coaching partners. These changes will also include an increased focus on equity and inclusion, as well as incorporate new tools and learnings from the Markle Rework America Alliance. During this time, we would like to encourage coaches to continue to rely on the Skillful Coaching Community of Practices to stay engaged in learning, resources, and connectivity. Through the Skillful Coaching Community of Practice, we will also be debuting early access to our virtual coaching training, which is currently under development.

If you are a career coach and would like to stay engaged with our work as we wait to launch the 2021 cohort, visit Markle Rework America Alliance, to find tools such as the Rework America Alliance Resume Builder, that can help you as you support your clients in this difficult job market. You can also register for the Skillful Coaching Community of Practice, which provides career coaches a virtual support network for coaching professionals to build their skills, share resources and content with their peers, and discuss how to best serve job seekers. 

Skillful remains committed to the Skillful Governor's Coaching Corps and we look forward to working with coaches again when it is safe to do so. As always, you can continue to check back here for updates on our work.