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Showcasing your skills can help you stand out from the crowd and land a job based on the unique expertise you bring to the table. This is particularly important if you are looking to work in a different role or industry that you have done in the past.

Understanding the skills you have, and those you may need gain, can also help you to make decisions about whether you may need additional training to help you in your career. To provide some insight into how to identify and articulate your skills, we’ve provide some tools and resources to get you started.

Know Your Skills

Whether you recognize them or not, you’ve probably gained a lot of skills during your life that are useful in the workplace. These skills may come from past work experience, education or other life events, and many of them can be useful in different roles. These skills are called transferable skills, essentially, skills that are useful across a variety of occupations and industries. For example, the intricate skills and dexterity needed as a nail technician can also be helpful in manufacturing when making precision components that need a steady hand and good eye for detail.

Getting Help from a Career Coach

A career coach, or career counsellor, is someone who can help you to find work, identify training opportunities and overcome other obstacles related to getting a job and building a career. You may be able to access a career coach through your local American Job Center (also called workforce center, WorkOne, CareerOneStops, etc) or through a local non-profit organization that helps people to get back to work, as well as local job training programs, community colleges, schools (K-12) and some public libraries. Coaches that work with these organizations are typically available free of charge for those who qualify.

After 15 years as a facilities manager, Bylo restarted her career as a machinist.

Online Resources to Help You Identify Your Skills

These tools can help you to identify your skills, build a resume or improve an existing resume.

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Online Resources
Skills Engine Free Profile Builder
Skills Engine Free Profile Builder
Use your resume to develop a visual map of your skills
Career One Stop
Skills Matcher
Use this tool to see how your skills match up with different jobs and career paths
Find the work you want with LinkedIn’s job search
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One-stop site for workers displaced due to Covid-19 crisis
Colorado Training Providers
Colorado Training Providers
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