The Skillful Approach
Across nearly every industry, the way we work is changing. Technological advancements have placed Americans in the midst of an economic shift that will rival the scale of the Industrial Revolution.

Yet, the way we educate, hire, and train the workforce has remained the same for decades. To fill the talent gaps, open new opportunities, and ensure our economy’s prosperity, we must take steps to modernize how the labor market works.
What Do Skills-Based Practices Look Like?
When employers better define the skills they need, hire based on an individual’s skills (not solely on credentials and job history) and expand training at every stage of a career they expand opportunity for all. Skills-based practices help talent acquisition, retention, workforce diversity and morale.

Through a portfolio of employer resources and partners, Skillful helps organizations make the transition to skills-based practices.
Career Coaches
As technology transforms the economy, upends sectors, and reshapes jobs, more Americans rely on career coaches to help them navigate job and training opportunities.

Through its Skillful Coaching Corps and Communities of Practice, Skillful helps career coaching professionals gain the skills they need to better guide job seekers and help them connect to opportunities in today’s digital economy.
States serve as laboratories of innovation and provide exciting opportunities to pilot, refine, and scale effective skills-based practices.

The Skillful State Network is a collaboration of governors committed to making workforce development partnerships and innovation, key state priorities.
Skillful in Action

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