Government leaders can inspire, facilitate, and lead the shift to this new labor market, which will help people transition into growth jobs in the digital economy. This transformation requires strategic integration of the many different workforce ecosystem players—from employers, educators, and career coaches to job seekers themselves—so that their respective activities add up for greater impact.

Skillful has developed resources to help you take the steps necessary so that:

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Employers find the best
possible candidates.


Educators and trainers
teach what’s needed most.


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Career coaches and counselors
have the tools they need.

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Job seekers can find
rewarding, sustainable work.

Skillful State Network

The Skillful State Network is a collaboration to transform the U.S. labor market at scale to one that is skills-based, in which people can demonstrate or obtain the skills needed for good digital economy jobs. The Skillful State Network will support transformation at a scale and pace not possible through individual state actions. The Network will elevate and advance practices and ideas that states can adopt to achieve their workforce goals, including aligning education with industry; providing robust data to jobseekers; or training employers on skills-based practices.


Skillful State Founding Members


Gov. Asa Hutchinson


Gov. John Carney


Gov. Bruce Rauner


Gov. Eric Holcomb


Gov. Charlie Baker


Gov. Steve Bullock


Gov. Phil Murphy
New Jersey


Gov. Roy Cooper
North Carolina


Gov. Doug Burgum
North Dakota


Gov. Mary Fallin


Gov. Gina Raimondo
Rhode Island


Gov. Dennis Daugaard
South Dakota


Gov. Bill Haslam


Gov. Phil Scott


Gov. Ralph Northam


Gov. Jay Inslee


Gov. Scott Walker


Skillful State Playbook

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In partnership with the State of Colorado, we’ve developed the steps states can follow to build a skills-based labor market. We invite you to join us in elevating these tools, practices, and resources, so that we can help communities across the nation adopt the skills- based practices critical to the growth and sustainability of our economy. We’ll get everyone working on the same page.


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