Our Mission

Skillful - an initiative of the Markle Foundation - works with employers, educators, policymakers and others to help the nearly 70% of Americans without college degrees get good jobs based on the skills they have or the skills they can learn – creating new opportunities for success in the digital era.

Skillful currently operates in two states, Skillful Colorado and Skillful Indiana, bringing investment, training, tools and innovative methods to augment local workforce development efforts.
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That’s the question a team of career coaches from the Skillful Governor’s Coaching Corps (SGCC) was assigned to explore as part of their nine-month research project which culminated in a

Skillful is proud to collaborate with local and national partners.
"There are 7.3 million fewer jobs in the United States today for people with a high school degree or less than there were in 1989. At the same time, 6 million jobs in our country go unfilled due in large part to a shortage of skilled workers. This mismatch is leaving workers on the sidelines and employers without the talent they need to run their operations," said Brad Smith, president of Microsoft. "Skillful is building an entire ecosystem to close this gap, helping Americans find and train for better-paying jobs, while connecting employers with the talent they need to thrive in the digital economy."
— Brad Smith
President of Microsoft