Providing Opportunity
in the Digital Economy



In an economy where automation, artificial intelligence, and other technological developments are transforming jobs at an incredibly rapid pace, we need new pathways to opportunity, and we need them now. Too many Americans have been shut out as traditional categories of employment and ways of getting training have evolved. As a nation we must chart a new course, one that provides value and equal dignity for all Americans.

Skillful is creating a labor market that values each individual’s skillset and provides them with opportunity for a meaningful career path. Skillful focuses on empowering the nearly seven out of ten Americans who don’t have a four-year college degree but have great skills needed in today’s job market.

Along with the Markle Foundation, LinkedIn, the state of Colorado, and many others, Skillful is helping connect American workers to good paying middle-skill jobs by prioritizing skills and removing barriers that keep many talented people from applying for in-demand jobs. We do this by:

  • Leveraging data and technology tools to ensure workers can find training and support to prepare them for the growth jobs in their community;
  • Supporting employers in implementing skills-based hiring practices that can open up their talent pool; and,
  • Aligning employers and educators so that training programs teach to the skills that are in demand.
National partnership in collaboration with local employers, educators and non-profits.