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At Skillful, we believe that career coaches are critical to the success of our workforce. Whether you work for an educational institution, a workforce center, or a nonprofit, you play an essential role in helping job seekers – through resources, tools, and your coaching expertise -- build the awareness and skills they need to find a meaningful place in the new economy.

Skillful has curated a number of the most effective coaching tools that take a skills-based approach to helping job seekers.



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CAREER COACHES ARE INNOVATORS. As you continue to do important work in the development of the American workforce, we invite you to experiment with our newest, most innovative job seeker tools—and we encourage you to report your findings back to us. Many of these tools are in beta or trial stage, so your front-lines feedback can help us continue to tighten and improve our offerings as we learn and grow.

Empower your clients to acquire the foundational academic skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential in school, career and life.
Help your clients understand their "competency core" by developing a visual map of their skills directly using their resume as a starting point.
This tool helps job seekers discover how current job skills translate to other occupations. Find career and training matches by job title.
Help your clients understand the latest regional economic and labor market data—and where they might potentially fit into the picture—with this highly visual tool.
Help your clients perform better in interviews with this free suite of interactive interview practice questions and video tutorials.
This collaboration between edX and ASU offers for-credit, freshman-level university courses online—providing quality higher education anywhere in the world.