The rapid adoption of new technologies has created challenges for many employers, from a shortage of skilled workers to high turnover rates, resulting in the need to change the way we hire, train and develop our workforce.

Skillful helps employers address this challenge by accelerating the adoption of skills-based practices to support talent acquisition and retention essential to economic success and business growth.
Take your organization to the next level with skills-based practices
Skillful has developed a set of proven tools and practices through its work in Colorado with employers and employer associations, the state of Colorado, post-secondary education institutions and local community organizations that serve job seekers and incumbent workers. Using these resources, Skillful is helping organizations across Colorado and Indiana to raise awareness among employers and support them in developing and implementing skills-based practices.

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Make the change to skills-based practices with our in-person training, Skillful Talent Series. In partnership with local organizations, Skillful offers employers step-by-step guidance on skills-based practices.

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